Volunteers  lovingly make beds and toys at our events, monthly craft circles and at home.

We rely on donations  from individuals and companies for:

• Monetary contributions.

• Wish list purchases.

• Bulk donations of materials, manufactured animal toys and grooming supplies.

Al Leibman, videographer


We feature a rescue group for its help in saving animals' lives and pledge to donate handmade beds and toys to that shelter.​​

Pillows for Paws is a 501c(3) non-profit volunteer run organization

that donates essential material goods to NYC shelter cats, dogs and

rabbits including beds, toys, treats, grooming and medical supplies.


 • Animal Care Centers of NYC   (ACC), housing the largest population of animals on a  continued basis.

• ACC's New Hope Partners  of  NYC Rescue Groups.

• Other local non-profit rescue groups in the New York City area.

Homeless animals are usually beyond frightened when they come into a shelter environment since most have been abused, neglected or abandoned.   ​Pillows for Paws believes that their emotional well-being is a crucial factor in maintaining an animal's overall health, assisting in modifying behavioral issues and as a result, increasing their adoptability.

Our mission is to help support a positive environment during their stay at the shelter.  Comfort and enrichment items, such as a cozy bed to sleep on or a toy to keep them stimulated in their cages while they wait for their forever homes, bring them a sense of ease, calm and hopefully, a knowing that they are loved and not forgotten.

Bringing comfort and love to NYC shelter animals.

Pillows for PawS