Pillows for Paws



Bringing Comfort and Love to NYC Shelter Animalsโ€‹

Or make Meow Socks!  Great for kids:

Collect a bunch of clean socks and layer polyfil and catnip.  A chopstick can help to push down the filling so you can add until it feels like a soft pillow.   Make sure you have enough room at the end to tie a knot.

You have just made a shelter cat very happy!

Dog Fleece Pull Toy: 

Gather your fleece or recycled t-shirts and cut your strips.  Mix and match your scraps to make it colorful.  You will need three 3-inch x 40 inch strips of fleece. For a larger dog, you might want to double up and braid six strands.

Holding all three strips together, tie them in a knot at one end.  Begin to tightly braid the long strips of fleece. To make a basic braid, pull the left-most strand over the center strand and tug tight.  Next, pull the right-most strand over the now center strand and tug tight. Continue braiding in this manner, braiding the fleece as tightly as possible for a sturdy toy.

The easiest way to get a really tight braid is to put the knot between your knees and keep braiding.  Braid until the toy is slightly longer than your desired length and tie the other end in a knot.

Trim the ends of the fleece and your toy is finished!  If you'd like to give your pal another place to grab on to the braids, just tie a few knots in the finished braid.


Here are toys that adults and kids can make!

Delight shelter cats!

Save leftover or waste fabrics and batting to use to make simple sewn catnip pouches.  Just add a little sprinkle or two of catnip!

Rabbit Roll Toy:

Use a cardboard TP roll, stuff with Timothy's hay and 1-2 dried cranberries/rabbit treats you can hide in the middle. You just made a toy the buns will love and chew on for hours!