Pillows for PawS

Bringing comfort and love to NYC shelter animals.

Please watch this video of AMAZING kids who talk about their love and what they are doing for animals.

Co-produced by Pillows for Paws and the YAP club and created by Branding Shorts.  Kids can make a difference!


Collect Food and Toys
 Have students and parents bring in toys, canned food and treats for shelter animals.

Create a Be Kind to Animals Club
Join together with like-minded animal loving friends and find ways to promote the message of “Adopt Don’t Shop”
in your community through a movie, song, creative outlet, social media, etc.  

Download Smartphone Apps
WalkForADog and ResQWalk allow you to raise money for animal rescue just by walking.
Happy Cow Free and Vebu find vegetarian/vegan restaurants wherever you go.
BNB, Leaping Bunny, and Bunny Free tell you what products and cosmetics are cruelty-free.  

Encourage your school cafeteria to serve more vegetarian and vegan options. Visit healthyschoolfood.org for more information.   

Get involved in Politics
Find out about humane laws and how you can support them by writing to your congressman
and spreading the word to parents and voters. Recent issues include: banning carriage horses in NYC,
establishing an animal abuser registry, and banning the sales of animals bred in puppy mills.
Have a Fundraiser

  Have a bake sale or throw a party with proceeds going to purchase toys for your local shelter.

Gather Stuffed Animals  for cats and kittens. These “cuddle buddies” provide comfort and warmth in their cages in a stressful shelter environment.

Start a Drive at your School:

Collect materials such as towels, blankets, sheets, pillowcases, and any machine washable fabrics that are cozy for animals to sleep on.

Collect Tennis Balls Dogs love to chase them and after sitting in their kennels for long periods of time, exercise is so important to keep them healthy.
​​How Kids can help!

Pillows for Paws believes that teaching kindness and respect for animals is how we create a compassionate future generation.  There are many young role models out there already working on

behalf of those in need.  They will continue to make this world a better place for all sentient beings.

These children are inspirational to their friends, family and teachers!

There are many great ways for children of
ALL ages to help.   
Please visit our DIY page to learn how to make shelter toys.
Below are few more ideas to help your local shelters. Always check with them to see what donations they accept.